SaMASZ Z351 Single Rotor Rake 3.5m

SaMASZ Z351 Single Rotor Rake 3.5m

The Z series rakes are 1-carousel rakes made for smaller and medium-sized farms. Z351 has a working width of 3.5m and has features such as profiled rake fingers, tandem chassis for perfect terrain copying and additional height adjustment for hard or wet ground. The bent shape of the arms and their tangential arrangement on the gear has a positive effect on the laying of the swath. Its lightweight construction also provides low pressure on the ground.

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Z – 351 
Working width [m] 3,50
Width of raked shaft [m] 0,80 – 1,50
Transport width [m] 2,80
Working capacity [ha/h] ~ 3.50
Number of rotor arms [pcs.] 9
Diameter of the carousel with arms [m] 2,80
Number of fingers raking on the carousel [pcs.] 3
PTO turnover [rpm] 540
Category of TUZ hitch II
Tractor power [KM] from 25 €/m²
Tyres 15 x 6.0 – 6
Mass [kg] 420
Transport width without arms [m] 1,80
WPT drive shaft (built-in) Tractor rake: with overload clutch

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